Download 5 Best Premium WP theme with GPL license.

Several factors separate free from paid themes:

  1. SUPPORT – With paid themes comes free support whenever you need. Don’t expect the same with the free theme.
  2. OPTIMIZATION – While most free themes are released with good intentions authors may not be as well-versed in coding standards as some premium theme authors.
  3. FEATURES – Free themes have a very limited number of features.
  4. DESIGN – Premium themes usually have more time invested in the overall design.
  5. OPTIONS – With most premium themes you can count on the fact that there will be a panel to configure theme settings.
  6. DEMO – Premium themes sometimes come with demo layouts and ready-made templates

There are many more and these are enough reasons to get a premium theme.

Free WP themes nowadays look good as well. It has basic features to get your WP site up and running.

There is always an option to upgrade it to premium or pro version if you need additional features as listed above.

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